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Tue 11 Dec
11:30-15:30 | CRASSH, Cambridge University
Generative Adversarial Networks Experimentation Lab
This workshop, organised by Anne Alexander (University of Cambridge), David M. Berry (University of Sussex), Geoff Cox (University of Plymouth/Aarhus University) and Leonardo Impett (Max-Planck for Art History, Rome), will discuss images created through Generative Adversarial Networks, in the context of ongoing "Ways of Machine Seeing" events at Cambridge.
Mon 03 Dec
17:00-19:00 | Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Helsinki
The Aesthetics of Contemporaneity
Lecture by Jacob Lund
Tue 06 Nov
18:00-20:00 | Université Paris 8 : Salle J104 (M13 Saint-Denis Université)
Contemporaneity, Anachrony, and Historical Imagination
Jacob Lund presents at ArTeC, as part of his residency there
Fri 19 Oct
16:00-17:30 | Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) GmbH, Ruhr University, Bochum (Germany)
Indexathon - Public Presentation
Presentation of Indexathon, a two-day marathon experiment in ‘alternative search methods’ with invited international researchers, including Geoff Cox
Thu 27 Sep
09:15-17:00 | University of Zurich
Towards Digital Visual Studies
MPG-UZH Digital Visual Studies exploratory meeting including the participation of Geoff Cox, organized by The Max Planck Society, University of Zurich and the Swiss Art Research Infrastructure.
Fri 14 Sep
14:15-22:00 | Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark
Algorithm – performativity and algorithmic culture
Extended Aesthetic Seminar with lecture by Prof. Rebecca Schneider (Brown University, US), and artists Anna Lundh (SE) and Tabita Rezaire (DK/FR). Organized by Anne Kølbæk Iversen and Lotte Løvholm in collaboration with the research programme Contemporary Aesthetics and Technology and Kunsthal Aarhus.
Thu 31 May
10:00-18:00 | Fondation Danoise, Paris
Conflicts – Antagonism, Agonies, Affects
The Nordic Society of Aesthetics, Annual Meeting 2018, with keynotes by Georges Didi-Huberman and Danielle Cohen-Levinas, co-organized by Jacob Lund
Thu 24 May
15:00-17:00 | Kunsthal Aarhus, J.M. Mørks Gade 13, Aarhus C
A Dangerous Book
Talk by Lionel Ruffel, organized by the research project The Contemporary Condition
Thu 17 May
10:00-18:00 | University of Milan, Italy
Contemporaneity, a sublime experience?
Talk by Jacob Lund, at Revisiting the Sublime, International Conference, Aesthetics Unlimited Research Network — Séminaire d’Esthétique Européen
Wed 11 Apr
18:00-18:00 | University of Plymouth, UK
Artistic Research Will Eat Itself
9th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, with keynotes by Martin Crowley, Elaine Gan, Ayesha Hameed, Alexandra Murray-Leslie, Florian Schneider, co-organized by Geoff Cox

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