Research Intensive: Contemporary Research


Research Intensive: Contemporary Research

Three day research workshop, date TBC

Organized by The Contemporary Condition, Aarhus University & Exhibition Research Lab, Liverpool John Moores University

Venue TBC


Extended deadline for proposals 31 July 


The workshop addresses the topic of contemporary research. We are interested in the concept of ‘contemporaneity’, the temporal complexity that follows from the coming together of different temporalities in the same present. We ask how these temporal qualities can be made known in the context of contemporary art research and particularly through practices that involve exhibitionary forms.

The temporal structure of large scale exhibitions such as Documenta or Venice Biennale make excellent case studies for how contemporaneity can be seen to be produced through such events and the ways we might reflect on the various forms of knowledge production in operation. We are interested in these ideas to further explore how researching the contemporary and contemporary forms of research might come together in reflexive forms. Participants in the workshop share and discuss their ideas, write texts and work together to conceptualize and produce a publication.    

The profiles of the organizing institutions inform further discussion.

The Contemporary Condition is a research project at Aarhus University, to investigate contemporaneity as a defining condition of our historical present. It identifies three broad lines of inquiry for investigation: the issue of temporality, the role of contemporary media and computational technologies, and how artistic practice makes epistemic claims.

The Exhibition Research Lab at Liverpool John Moores University supports research and practice in the field of curating and its most dominant form, the exhibition. It points to the understanding of exhibitionary formats and curatorial practice as a form of critical inquiry and knowledge production.


Selected from the open call, participants will be asked to submit texts (or equivalent, if images) in advance of the workshop posted to an online collaborative platform. At the workshop, each participant makes a short presentation to the group and receives focussed feedback. The workshop then becomes more practical in orientation and the group proceed to work on a publication. The nature of the publication is directed by the workshop participants.

The workshop is closed to the public, but across two evenings there is a public programme of talks that feeds into the workshop and contributes to the publication.  


Although the workshop is primarily aimed at international PhD researchers, it is also open to artists and curators who are pursuing research without institutional support.

Applicants are asked to propose ways in which their current research relates to the above ideas. Selection will be from an open call (although a limited number of places will be reserved for researchers from the organizing partners). The workshop will be for approx. 15 participants in total.

The workshop is free but applicants (or their institutions) are expected to cover their own costs. 

Research Intensive Faculty include:

Jacob Lund (The Contemporary Condition, Aarhus University); Geoff Cox (The Contemporary Condition, Aarhus University / Plymouth University); Joasia Krysa (Professor of Exhibition Research, Director Exhibition Research Lab, LJMU, in partnership with Liverpool Biennial); Michael Birchall (LJMU, in partnership with Tate Liverpool); with other guests to be announced.

Applications should be emailed to <> and include up to 100 words on current research, 300 words on relation to workshop theme, and 100 word biography.

Extended deadline for proposals 31 July.