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Curatorial negotiations of the role of the museum under contemporary conditions

The project aims to analyze contemporary art and the possibilities of curating within art museums and their collections in the light of concepts of contemporaneity. Based on discourses of contemporaneity the project is trying to develop a horizontal and anachronistic approach in order to come to an understanding of our historical present. Multiple voices and self-reflections are core concepts. Another aspect of the research is to look into the development of the independent curator and her relation to the museum and the collection.

The project is partly theoretical and partly practice-based. The theoretical part is an analysis of how various international museums have responded to a globally shared historical present within their collection. The practical part of the project will explore whether it is possible to develop a curatorial approach that introduces contemporaneity into art museums and collections in Denmark. This will be achieved by curating a series of one-day-exhibitions and public events.

Johanne Løgstrup