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2019.08.21 | Publication

Futures of the Contemporary: Contemporaneity, Untimeliness, and Artistic Research

New book in the Orpheus Institute Series (Leiden University Press), edited by Paulo de Assis and Michael Schwab, with contributions by Jacob Lund, Geoff Cox, Ryan Nolan...

2019.01.21 | Calls

DATA browser book series published by Open Humanities Press

Call for proposals: Please send an initial expression of interest (up to 300 words) to the series editors outlining your ideas for an edited volume. The deadline is March 1, 2019, email: info@data-browser.net.

2018.10.09 | Calls

Machine Feeling - call for participation

Research Workshop, 14 – 16 Jan 2019, University of Cambridge, and at transmediale, 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2019, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Call deadline 31 Oct 2018.

2018.10.02 | Research

Professeur invité at Université Paris VIII Vincennes – Saint-Denis

Jacob Lund will be at Université Paris VIII Vincennes – Saint-Denis in November, affiliated with the research programme Littérature, histoires, esthétique

2018.08.20 | Publication

Three new books in our series

There are now 10 books published - with new ones by Margaret-Ann Hutton, Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen, a.o. - and with more to come. Image by Aaron Mosby.

2018.05.09 | Reception

P3 - Post-Photography Prototyping Prize

Presentations and award ceremony, organised by Fotomuseum Winterthur; and includes the participation of Geoff Cox

2018.04.16 | Media coverage

Conversation with Verina Gfader, by Ingrid Chu

Article for Ocula Magazine, Hong Kong, covering some of the projects developed during Verina's postdoc fellowship as part of The Contemporary Condition at AU

2018.01.03 | Events

Documentation of recent talks by Jacob Lund available online

Jacob Lund, Contemporaneity, Anachrony and Historical Imagination, as part of KuvA Research Days, December 2017, Helsinki. http://www.uniarts.fi/en/uniartstv/kuva-research-days-jakob-lund-contemporaneity-anachrony-and-historical-imagination Jacob Lund, Trans-individuation and Artistic Re-appropriation of the Medium's Milieu, as…

2017.11.28 | Publication

New book by Verina Gfader - Cloud Chamber

Inspired by The Guests 做东 for the 11th Shanghai Biennale, with contributions by Nikos Papastergiadis, Rebecca Carson, Sarat Maharaj, Tess Maunder, Simon Roy Christensen, Liu Tian, Chang Tsong-zung, Raqs Media Collective, Masanao Abe, Nabuqi and The Guests.

2017.07.07 | Media coverage

Review of TCC book series by Rikke Hansen, in Art Monthly 408: Jul-Aug 2017

“Each publication reads like a chapter dreaming of becoming something longer. Or, alternatively, a book dreaming of becoming an essay. It occupies a middle space.”

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